I had a dream once where I was walking along a ledge overlooking a tremendous cavern whose sinking blackness hinted at a depth seemingly without end.

As ominous as the fear (and impending fall) seemed even more heart wrenching was the fact that there were people I loved on a similar ledge across the cavern.

Interestingly enough I don’t know how I got to the other side. I’m guessing that was the purpose of my dream to figure that out because my heart was reaching out to those I loved and trying to help them across.

It is more obvious to me now that this has always been my life goal~to be an encourager and a coach. I’ve used my life experiences, various trainings and education to help guide others to get to the other side of the obstacles in their way.

I don’t know what obstacles you are facing right now, but I can promise teetering on the edge and facing them alone can be scary.

The exciting part of this journey is recognizing that when you finally figure out how to get to the other side you want more than anything to share the example with everyone else that faces a similar obstacle.

Identifying obstacles and even more importantly seeking the knowledge and guidance to get around (or over) them has become a lifelong process.

I don’t understand the people that think life is a competition. They keep their experiences and solutions to life‘s problems close to the chest as if sharing their success would make them any less successful.

Fortunately, (in recent years) I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by those whose greatest satisfaction comes from helping others identify their potential and showing them how to get there.

That is the kind of person I want to be.

Maybe you haven’t been able to identify the cavern or obstacle in your life that’s preventing you from getting to the other side.

Or even worse maybe you are still wandering around not even recognizing the fact that getting to the other side is a possibility!

The book “Hinds Feet on High Places”, is an allegory that documents the journey of a young girl climbing up a mountain only to be faced with another valley (then mountain) over and over again. Sometimes my life feels like that –  just when I think everything is going OK and I am at the top of the mountain I get plunged into another valley.

Is your journey more mountains or valleys?

If you are feeling dejected or frustrated because you know exactly what I am talking about, I want to encourage you that there is hope. The valley is not the end.

The valley is actually the place where we learn and grow.

It is where we gain the tools and the knowledge not only to climb the mountain but even more importantly to traverse the cavern and get to the other side.

I recently had the opportunity to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. There is something so magical and majestic about bridges that span great distances. But getting them across there is never easy. It is a long drawn out process that took a lot of engineering time and manpower. So why do we think that it would be any different for us?

I have my eye on the goal.

The goal just happens to be living life on the other side.

What about you?

I would love to dream with you about what that looks like and even more importantly to help you plot out a plan to get to there.

Sometimes life is more about the Journey than the Destination!