In this competitive social media driven world we can often be deceived into thinking that bigger is better.

We get sucked into the cyclone of doing and trying. Even when what we’re doing or what we are called to do can be most effective in a smaller arena.

I don’t know about you but I often get distracted by the thoughts that I should be doing more and doing it bigger. But every time I get questioned on what fulfills me the answers reveal it took place chatting around a table or simply sitting on the floor encouraging and motivating a few young women.

Because this is what I was called to do!

I have been equipped and empowered to inspire the next generation to be who they were created to be. And if that is just the five young women in front of me then that is enough.

Because my life right now is all about them. I often wonder if I would have the same personal connection and interaction if I truly was doing more and doing it bigger.

What inspires and motivates and fulfills you in your life right now, right where you are?

Is it enough?

Are you believing the lie that you should be doing something bigger and better?

Better and More are not to be used interchangeably. If you are feeling shame or defeat ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I being consistent in what brings me joy and motivation?
2. Am I investing in my skills in this area.
3. Am I experiencing results? (Don’t forget “It matters to the one”)

Never underestimate the role you are playing in the world.

There are more teachers, parents, and volunteer advocates that are considered the greatest influence to those who have gone on to be world changers or achieved fame in their careers.

What if you are that influence?

Who says you have to win a Nobel prize, make six figures or end up on national television to be successful? What does that even mean?

Maybe it’s time we reevaluate what success truly means to us.

Maybe it’s time to stop letting the world and social media dictate what our life and career should resemble.

Maybe it’s time to stop letting the voices In our head convince us that bigger is always better.

I’m not saying to sit down and just stop living. What I am saying is that you get to define what that intentional life means to you. Pursuing education and a career may just be part of it. Being an active volunteer or advocate in addition to your 9–5, may be the fulfillment your life is craving. No one can tell you what your success is.

Personally, mine consistently looks like 5 to 10 young women at a time who I get to do life with and watch learn, mature and eventually fly.

As I reminisced recently over the years and the faces, I wouldn’t trade this success for the world.
I pray that you find the same in your life!

If you’re not sure what that looks like and need some help uncovering your strengths and passions, I would love to help you. (Message me for a discovery call.)

Bigger isn’t always better – you could be living your best life now!