As our hands met together in the center of the table with tears welling up in our eyes,  I knew magic was happening.

It was one of those moments you dream of, but believe only happens in other people’s lives.

Dream is the key word.

My friend and I had reunited after a decade to spend some time of refreshing at a beautiful B&B. We caught up late into the night over our recent projects, achievements, struggles and joys. And finally we compared notes on our regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

Like a falling star racing across the sky, the years seemed to have flown by and disappeared before we had a chance to recognize what was happening.

Our early life resembled an overfull hope chest filled with dreams and desires tucked away for a future time. Experience and skills, gifts and talents were accumulated year after year awaiting that special day. Eventually the chest was pushed off in a corner as “practical” life took over.

Had we been mistaken? Were our dreams never meant to become reality? Was all of the time invested and all the skills accumulated meant for nothing after all?

Was this it?

Were our dreams simply dying embers at the end of the night?

But with the dawn of a new day came a spark to reignite not only the desire of those dreams, but also the beginning of a plan to fulfill them!

Remember dream is the keyword.

You have nothing without your dreams.

When you begin to feel your dreams are fading away maybe you can find a little encouragement through our experience.

Share Your Dreams

First of all and most importantly you must share your dream so you are able to verbally process what you feel called to accomplish. A friend serves as a valuable sounding board. They are able to see things with an unbiased opinion to help guide and inspire you. They will also note when you’re veering off track or being unrealistic.

Focus with Consistency

Secondly don’t get discouraged when it takes longer than you’ve imagined. It almost always does! Find a way to Intentionally keep the vision before you. Find an encouraging group with like minded goals. And consistently take some kind of action (training and learning count) toward your dreams.

Persistently Fuel Your Dream

Some people hold their dreams out like a sparkler. They watch them beautifully sizzle until the fire burns out. I would rather keep my dreams stoked like burning embers occasionally adding a little more fuel, year after year if necessary. Then my friends come along to help me by fanning the flames. Eventually there’s a beautiful roaring fire that lights up the world and fulfills his purpose!

That is exactly what happened that morning at the bed-and-breakfast; three women with lifelong aspirations met together and ignited each others dreams. That was only possible because we shared our dreams, we were constantly taking action and we never gave up! Remember when you share you must believe in your heart of hearts for “someday”.

Never Give Up!

Until then stop holding your dreams out like a sparkler that will quickly burn out. It’s time to reignite your dreams, your passions, your life!

Add a little fuel to the fire by taking some sort of action today!