All our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them.

~Walt Disney

Do you have a dream?

Do you find yourself stuck (or floundering) somewhere between Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After? Are you unsettled by a nagging feeling that you were created for more; a longing that stays buried beneath a mountain of laundry, school and unending to-do lists?

I can help you find happily ever after!

As an encourager and mentor to young women and the young at heart I’ve discovered the keys to unlocking hidden gifts and passions. With my Life coaching experience I’ve witnessed women discover a more fulfilling life as they journey into their future.

There was a time when I felt trapped in a life full of untapped potential. Once I learned that it wasn’t a matter of either/or, rather it was discovering and stepping into who I was created to be that life became an amazing opportunity. Now I am happier than I’ve ever been doing what I love to do!

Whether it’s a one on one coaching experience or being encouraged by my writing or speaking, I want to partner with you to experience a more fulfilling life.

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From the blog

Clearer Vision, Clearer Path

Recently my husband found me furiously cleaning the guest bathroom (I was on the floor scrubbing the toilet as a matter of fact). I don’t want you to have any misconceptions here, I actually hate cleaning in general and bathrooms most of all. However, a clean toilet...

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Seize the Day!

In the late 80’s movie Dead Poet’s Society, Robin Williams made famous (or at least more renowned) the saying “carpe diem” which translates “seize the day”.                                       He plays a schoolteacher encouraging his students in unorthodox ways not...

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Becoming A Super Hero

I would like to preface this with the fact that I have a rather vivid imagination. And I fuel that imagination with beautiful, fantastical fiction books and movies. I believe in portals, ley lines and serendipity. So it only seems like a natural progression that I...

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For we are God’s handiwork,
created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.

~Ephesians 2:10