I have news for you – You can do this!




We all go through seasons in life.

(Did you hear that? I said seasons – seasons are not permanent. They are a segment of time that we eventually pass through.)

We go through seasons in life that are difficult, trying, and maybe even depressing and overwhelming.

But the most important part of this sentence is





I have a feeling that you needed to hear that today.


This has definitely been a trying season for so many people. And we shouldn’t feel guilty for acknowledging that fact. In all actuality, the process of recognizing what you were experiencing and how you feel about it is healthy – as long as you don’t use it as an excuse.

We never say, “oh look, it’s winter, so I can’t do anything.” We look around and determine what we can do during the winter months and make the most of that season.

We spend summer days outdoors, and in winter maybe not so much. But we shouldn’t stop living because we are challenged by the season we are in.

Much of the conversation over the past several weeks has focused on the fact that our family time has been limited in some way or another.


I’ll have to admit that I was a little shaken at first that my traditions (of many years, I may add ) were being yanked out from under me by no fault of anyone close to me. (Who would have thought a virus could hold so much power over the world.)

How have you been navigating this crazy game of who you can and cannot see and where you can and cannot go? Is it taking a toll on you and your family as well?

I would love to hear what creative ways you have come up with to stay connected with those you love. Sometimes gathering in smaller numbers creates more intimate relationships. I’ve cherished the time I have had to connect over coffee or ZOOM.

Instead of “spring cleaning,” I have been immersed in a time of “fall focus.” It plays out like a trivia game show without the giant buzzer to let me know if I made the right decision or not.

It’s like we’ve walked through the giant wardrobe into Narnia, where it is always winter.

At first, it feels disheartening. There is a sense of defeat in the air. But as the days go by and life is lived intentionally, we find a deeper meaning. Perhaps the true meaning of why we were created after all. This is what I have been diving into during the season of “fall focus.”

I may not be able to see all the people I love all the time. But I can reach out to that “one” in a special way.

Honestly, until this season, I think we have all taken some of our relationships for granted.

So now you have a choice. And I believe in you –  that you have within you the knowledge to take advantage of this time where you can’t live life in the way you’ve been accustomed to.

We’ll have to reimagine our life by creating new traditions.

You can rise to the challenge and navigate through this season to live more intentionally. And others will look to you as an example. Don’t quit; ride this season through to the end.

I believe in you –

You can do this!