The invitation lay on the kitchen counter taunting me with its unspoken implications.
There must be a mistake, they couldn’t have meant to send this to me. It was obviously confused with a different event- somewhere I could fit in and flourish in my comfort zone.

I wondered if Cinderella had similar thoughts after being taunted by her wicked stepsisters. Could there be truth in their negativity? She didn’t have an appropriate outfit, soot stains glared from her fingernails confirmation that she wasn’t even in the same league as others on the invitation list.

Has this scenario played through your mind? When you are asked to participate in an event, get a job or maybe a promotion that seems beyond you?
How do you respond to the call? Throw the invite into the recycle bin? Or make excuses as to why you are the wrong candidate? Do you just show up praying for the best? Or do you plan and prepare to make the most of this amazing opportunity?

The truth of the matter is we have all been invited to this dance called life. There is a specific task and purpose for each of us to do. Once you recognize the call, how you respond often determines your destiny.

First, You have to step up and answer the call ~ 
As appealing as it sounds to be a party crasher, sending in your RSVP not only sets a place on your calendar but also sets in motion the preparations for your future presence.

You must begin your preparations~
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” may seem cliche, but there are many people that spend more time getting dressed for work or school than on their skills. Study, learn and grow in the area you want to flourish in.

Show up (everyday) and step into the life you were created for~
As tempting as it may be for some of us to slip in and live as a wall flower there comes a time where being whisked onto the dance floor will unveil our true potential. So don’t be afraid to share your calling with the world.

When the “shoe fits” remind yourself the work is just beginning~
When we are chosen or acknowledged is when the job really starts. Now that you have identified where you belong and how you fit in, take this knowledge and run with it.

A few years ago I received an invitation from a good friend to go on a mission trip. At the time I was a wallflower writer. She introduced me to the community of Tribe Writers. I felt like an imposter, the only one that didn’t belong. But I stepped up and didn’t let that stop the pursuit. I’m so thankful I didn’t talk myself out of her invitation. You are reading this today because I answered the call.

What do you need step up and respond to today?
I’d love to hear where your RSVP is going!