A few weeks ago I stood staring out the glass wall of an international airport as a huge jetliner made its way straight towards me. With way more grace than seemed possible it slowly turned and gained speed along the runway that ran parallel to the terminal. Then with uncanny ease it launched into the sky beautifully dwarfing every bird around.

I have flown more times than I can count but I have never come that close to experiencing one take flight like that. I couldn’t help but wonder what the Wright brothers would be thinking right now.

They had a dream that became a reality that far surpassed their imagination.

Or did it?

I have so many dreams that at times seem unattainable and unrealistic.

What about you?

And most days it feels like time is my enemy as the months fly by faster than I can count much less planning to live intentionally.


Several years ago I came across an amazing opportunity that allowed me to meet a need that resounded consistently in the conversations I had with women of all ages.

From 18 to 80 These women share stories that are laced with regret about unpursued dreams and goals.

The heartbreaking definition of Regret is: to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

But what if we could avoid that regret?

What if- no matter our age, we had a plan to pursue AND accomplish our dreams and goals one by one?

Even the crazy ones like the Wright brothers?

As a mentor to young women and life coach, I wanted to create an experience to make this a reality.

So I created the Launch Your Dream Challenge (to help you stop dreaming and start doing). It includes fun exercises and tasks as well as an interactive group to cheer you on.

Imagine your life six weeks from now – What would it feel like to see one of your dreams come true or a large goal crushed?

Would you be willing to set aside a few minutes a day to make your dream a reality? (What if it is guaranteed to take the Regret out of your future?)

Remember, It’s Never Too Late to be Who You Might Have Been!

If you are ready to take that chance, reply to this email and let me know you are ready!

And then we will begin putting things into place to launch your dream by creating the following necessary ingredients-

Clarity– What do you want to accomplish and why?

Mindset– What are you going to change to make this a priority?

Strategy– How are you going to accomplish this?

And finally, creating your weekly tasks that will take you from where you’ve been to where you want to go with-

Your Top 3 goals: These are our weekly action items.

This will be interactive so you will not be on this journey alone. We will be completing assignments and encouraging each other together.

There will be weekly motivational drawings and prizes.

Some strategies will be shared through this blog and some in our Facebook group, so please respond to this email if you are wanting to join the challenge.

We will begin in 48 hours!

Get ready to Launch Your Dream!