Unfolding like a flower – Your Life in Full Bloom

What are you truly in control of?

As I have tried to understand the true meaning of life from my own experience, I have evaluated the pains, the joys and the sorrows of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, rather contemplating.

My early years were shrouded with hurt and hardships used to build up a tenacity that taught me to push through and gave me strength.
As I recognized how my life has unfolded over the past decade I am remiss if I fail to see the similarities of a blossoming flower.

I’ll choose the rose.

I have held an above average adoration of roses for as long as I can remember. Roses adorn my garden, my clothing, my decor and my bathroom walls! They have held an empowering beauty for me and lift my spirits whenever I acknowledge them.

As I was reflecting on my own life the unfolding journey of the rose fell into sync with those memories.

As emerging rosebud layers form and build within as it begins to grow and press against the green sepals eventually pressing them outward. The green protective sepals lovingly curl open to form a base for the unfurling petals.

This is where the analogy takes on the empowerment I recognized.

Slowly and meticulously the petals begin to open and create layer upon layer of fragrant beauty.

Historically stoic bud is renowned for elegant beauty used frequently in bouquets, for corsages and boutonnieres.

That is the reward for pushing through, for fighting your way out into the world.

And your crowning beauty unfolds throughout life, petal by petal year after year.

Too often life is stifled by the effort it takes to fight through the adversity.

If we only knew ahead of time how beautiful our unfurled life would become!

The fragrance is hidden within the tightly closed bud. Not until we push through- overcoming our obstacles does our true aromatic life fully bloom.

Recently I have been participating in some introspective therapy. I expected it to be painful. Never did I anticipate the true beauty I would discover.

I would love to encourage you by saying that the obstacles stopped there, but obviously, just as any fragrant flower that exposes itself to the elements, the adversity continues. Pelting rains can bruise the delicate petals. Not to mention the multitude of insects clawing to take their turn at attacking the freshly exposed bloom.
The battle never ends, and the obstacles continue.

But the price can never compare to the beauty and fragrance that was brought into the world.

I can only pray that we continue to fight a push through.

Even more importantly invest in the therapy (Counseling, coaching or self-care etc.) that will enable you to finally recognize how truly beautiful your life can become.

There were moments in my life the hopelessness pushed hard to prevent me from reaching this place. I am far from completely unfurled, but the unfolding continues and I am so excited to see the beautiful life I am now living.

As my blossoming continues I wish it to be an inspiration for you and eventually, we will join together as the most glorious bouquet the world has ever seen!

Share how your life has begun to unfurl and blossom into a blossoming beautiful you ~

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”  (Ecc. 3:11)