I remember the night Heather called to tell me about a transformational conversation she experienced with a friend of hers that was running away. She was empowered to encourage her friend because of a talk she heard me give to a group of teenagers about the fight or flight response.

Until that night Heather had always responded to severe stress in her life by running away. Her entire life she believed she was wired for flight. Running out when life got too hard to handle.

Trust me I know because several nights I was the one driving the streets looking for her.

No one had ever taken the time to help her identify what made her want to run away. She always felt that it was her only option. Fleeing never solved the problem.

Heather was a fighter but she was always fighting the wrong battles until she was shown how to choose what was really worth fighting for.

No one had ever asked her what she really wanted out of life.

What her goals were ~

what her dreams were ~

and what she imagined her future could be.

Once we had that conversation she knew life was so much more than just responding to daily battles. When we know what we are fighting for it makes it easier to take a stand when life gets hard instead of running away hoping things get easier.

I can’t help but picture Mel Gibson, in the movie Braveheart, adorned with streaks of blue crying out “freedom”.

Using her own experiences Heather was able to convince her friend to come home and face his own battles. She knew he had dreams that had yet to be uncovered.

Has anyone ever asked you what your dreams are?

Have you ever asked yourself?

I guess I automatically thought of William Wallace because one of my dreams is for freedom; freedom for those who don’t have a voice to fight for themselves yet.

Freedom for the woman who is trapped in an unfulfilled life because she never knew things could be any different.

But just like that dream of freedom it doesn’t come without a fight. As you pursue your dreams the stress is bound to come. There will always be those that try to diminish the light that begins to reveal itself at the end of the tunnel.

There will be mountains to climb and dragons to slay along the way. When you get to that place where you begin to see pieces of your dream taking shape you get inspired. And even more importantly just like Heather you begin to inspire those around you.

Let’s have a conversation with your answers to these three questions-

1. Do you truly know what your dream is?
2. Do you believe your dream is worth fighting for?
3. What can you do this week to pursue it?

When darkness seems to be closing in around you and harsh words are being hurled in your face – When you feel like running because you just can’t take it anymore – remember your dream.

And one day, just like Heather you will be calling me up and letting me know about the transformational conversation you just had with your friend that wanted to run away. Because now you’re wired for fight not flight!