Snow capped mountains have to be one of my favorite things in the world!

Playing on them just adds a whole new element of adventure.

~You’ll have to forgive me, we just received an alert of a 17″ snowfall in the area where we love to go snow skiing.~

It brings to mind so many glorious memories as well as a few uncomfortable mishaps.

But that is the price of adventure, isn’t it? When you set out on a quest, you take the risk of a few skinned knees along the way.

We are never exempt from them. We could trip and fall in our very own home where we assumed we were safe & sound!

So imagine the trade-off with me;

As you stand on the peak of the highest snow-laden mountain, the terrain before you stretches out for miles.

Every dream, every wish, every adventure you could choose to embark on lay before you.

The view is pristine, almost heavenly. You feel empowered, as if from this vantage point you could take on the world.

Your goal destination may be a little farther than you anticipated, but when it is within sight like this, you feel all things are possible.

So you teeter precariously on the brink. You muster up all the courage that is within you to push off into the unknown trail below.

When you are at the top everything seems so clear. When you have to maneuver a narrow trail, bordered by blinding forests the journey begins to make your heart a little more anxious.

There really is no turning back now, or is there? The question really should be, “Do you want to?” If you stop to think about how far you have already come, and the long cold journey to the top of the mountain to begin with.

Have you so quickly forgotten all the preparation it took you just to get this far?

Just because the view doesn’t always seem as clear doesn’t mean it isn’t up ahead.  Moving forward at a steady pace, keeping a sharp eye out for signs along the way will eventually help you arrive at your destination.

The view from the top is amazing. Almost luxurious. But we were never meant to stop there. That is just a resting place to regroup, get motivated and take off again.

Pick up a few friends along the way and encourage each other with your stories of your desired destination.

Whatever you do, don’t stop now, we have only just begun!

Feeling a little anxious?

How can I encourage you on your path?