The fog was so dense it was impossible to see even inches ahead of the car.

There is something about driving blind that causes your shoulders to tense up and your fingers clench the steering wheel like they are super glued.

When you can’t see the path before you and the obstacles around you, slowly moving forward seems like the best possible plan.

It’s funny how you can see the same path day after day, but when you are forced to tackle it in pouring rain or thick fog you revert to being  a first time driver.

That is how stepping out into the future feels sometimes. We think we know the path so well until we actually step out into it

And then the scary part starts.

It feels like slowly making our way to the bathroom in the middle of the  night.

You never know what unforeseen object may have been left in your path.

I can’t promise you won’t stub your toe or get tangled up a time or two.

We may get sidetracked or have a little mishap every now & then.

But, just like driving in the dark, it is better to move slowly and safely than to stop in the middle of the road waiting for the weather to change.

So buckle up tight, clench your fingertips on the steering wheel and get ready for the ride of your life!

The life you’ve always imagined is about to begin!