When it comes right down to it what do we really want?

We fill our lives with things that never satisfy- like the feeling you get when you have a craving and search the fridge. Nothing looks great, but you sample a little of everything anyway only to walk away just as unfulfilled.

A popular catchphrase of today’s world is “Life is just so busy”.

If asked how things are going, as we trade niceties passing in the hall, the quick response is usually “busy”. When excusing the time that’s passed between calls or visits, being “way too busy” is always the default. That wasn’t what we really wanted to hear and the most annoying thing is it’s usually a mirror of our own life. We wear it as a badge of honor. Silently hoping it brings a sense of importance to all the fleeting hours.

What we are looking for is “to discover the life we were actually made for – the life of meaning and purpose.”

Unfortunately this journey too often resembles over packed planner pages with insufferable to do lists. “Success” plays out as living an illusion of the woman who has it all together while underneath life is falling apart. Unfortunately with many of us it takes a major life crisis to get our attention.
Hopefully I can capture it right now and let you know that hope is a few words away.

If you are the woman giving the outward appearance that It’s All Under Control, this new book by Jennifer Dukes Lee is for you. How do I know? Because I used a months worth of ink underlining the powerful truths held in these pages.

With a life so committed to being the change that I want to see in the world it’s easy to get caught up in everything that I should do instead of choosing the best things I was created to do. We are all here to fulfill some unique purpose unfortunately we are all trying to do all the things all the time.

Bravery is letting go of control.

I fell right in to Jennifer’s relatable stories and got swept up in the realization that I sometimes get going too quickly into roles or responsibilities that were never mine in the first place.

Her inspiring practical insight quickly align life back into our Creator’s hands.

“What do we really want?

When we strip all the faux self-sufficiency away we can see it clearly. We are hungry for the God who first stole our hearts. We want to partner with him. We want to be remembered as women who did exactly what God wanted us to do – nothing will give us more joy in giving our yes when God invites us to be a part of what he’s already doing.” (Pg. 123)

This isn’t just another book to pick up, momentarily get inspired, and then set aside on the shelf to get dusty. (Don’t pretend this isn’t you.) Jennifer gives us actionable steps at the end of each chapter to truly achieve a life that will give us permission to honestly respond –

It’s All Under Control!