There is an infectious disease running rampant through our country and I have found a potential cure. Although it’s symptoms are evident in people of any age or race it tends to be most prominent in females.

It’s wide spread affect is similar to that of polio in the early 20th century. Polio was one of the most feared diseases in industrialized countries, paralyzing hundreds of thousands of children every year.

In my years of coaching and one on one conversations with women of all ages I have begun to see the same paralyzing affect caused by the lies we believe.

Unfortunately, our easily accessible technology and greater potential for knowledge have not provided immunity. In fact the opposite is often true. As life gets fuller faster we fall into a comparison trap with social media. Our relationships are shallow because our relationships are built with the device in our hand instead of face-to-face. The symptoms manifest themselves as an invisible mask which prevents the infected person from recognizing the truth.

The onset can be triggered by the comparison trap, but most often flares up after an unsuccessful relationship or realizing an unmet goal. The most common symptoms are verbalized as:

~ I’m not good enough.
~ I’m not talented enough.
~ I’m a failure.
~This always happens to me.

~If I were thinner, richer, smarter…. etc.

The invisible mask also makes it difficult to identify affected victims until a symptom is verbalized. This is the most opportune time to utilize the vaccine.

Just like polio, this disease is suspected to have been around for thousands of years but the historic proportion has caught my attention. In 1952 outbreaks of polio peaked in the United States when 57,628 cases were reported throughout the nation. With these staggering numbers (though there is no cure for this disease), a vaccine was developed in the 1950s that has proved effective for decades, bringing the epidemic under control. Since this is a disease only carried by humans, introductions of effective vaccines into 50’s and 60’s are expected to remove any traces of the disease in future generations. I believe the same impact can take place for this unprecedented epidemic of the lies we believe!
But first we need to start applying the vaccine. And the application may sometimes take more than one person and more than one dose! So how do we start? If you or someone you love is showing signs symptoms of lies-we-believe the first step is to identify the lie and replace it with the truth!

Write five strong positive truths on a card or sheet of paper. ( This is where you may need to enlist help – ask those closest to you to reveal your strengths.) Place this card prominently where you can see it everyday. Writing them in your journal and reading them out loud every morning is also extremely effective.

Now, every time the lies-we-believe breaks out again you have a remedy. If new symptoms occur repeat the “vaccination “ process above.
To eradicate this epidemic it is critical to share this information with every woman you know and/or anyone displaying symptoms.

Please don’t let this life crippling epidemic continue its takeover of our nation!

And please don’t suffer in silence – reach out for help.
One of the main reasons I became a life coach was to encourage women they were never meant to run this race alone so I’m here if you need me.
Comment below with some of the most common lies-we-believe symptoms you have seen.

Let’s crush this epidemic together One truth at a time!