I wouldn’t say I’m scared, more like timid.

No one ever wants to admit they are afraid but very few can confess to being brave.

I’m inspired a lot by world changers and history makers from Mother Theresa and Corrie Ten Boom to the under appreciated first responders and members of our military risking their lives for us daily.

There’s a hunger inside of me that longs to be in that category someday.

What about you?

Maybe we don’t show up every day in camo or in uniform but what if the role we play is just as critical to changing the world?

Maybe you’re like me and simply Believing that necessitates a little dose of bravery on its own!

Who knows maybe there is a little superhero inside of all of us.

I think of the young recruit full of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. When he actually arrives on the battlefield adrenaline fuels the action behind his heroic dreams.

Bravery doesn’t show up in the fight, it is usually what led you to sign up in the first place.

Bravery carries you through the monotony of preparations for that day, that moment when your reflexes and training take over. It is the defining factor that keeps you in the fight.

I have some friends that are the epitome of heroism. Their battle scars hide mostly within. The crazy thing is they weren’t about to let the pains of their past hold them back. Even more importantly that is what became the fuel for them to rise up to equip and empower those who came after them. They are the survivors of human trafficking and they are not sitting still. They are strategically getting healing and education to be the change. Their bravery surpasses any that I think I can muster up on any given day. They are rising up like an army to combat this atrocity trying to push down the amazing women of our generation. They are training, they are founding organizations and speaking out on any and every platform they can giving women a voice and the courage to know they are not alone and can do the same.

When I look at them, and the feats they are accomplishing, inspiration doesn’t seem an adequate enough word to describe what I feel.

Motivation and bravery shoot like a lightning bolt through my soul.

They are the definition of changing the trajectory of life into finding their fairy tale. Because fairytales involve slaying dragons and rescuing damsels in distress. So no matter where your place is in life and what you have been called to do – it is time for us to rise up and do the same.
Calling all college students, mothers, widows, teachers and those of us out there just struggling to make it through the day – it is time for equipping.
Today is the day we take up our sword and slay the dragons that are standing in our way.

Because I believe in you and you are brave enough to change the world!


“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”  (2 Timothy 1:7 NIV)