I decided to get a jumpstart on the New Year’s Resolution rush and joined a gym recently. I’ve come to the conclusion that trainers get together at night to formulate new and unusual ways to torture their clients!

A couple of weeks ago, my trainer told me to jump on a box that ominously appeared half my height.

I bent my knees and swung my arms in preparation to jump…

and nothing!

I prepped and rose to my tippi-toes over and over again. The angle iron framed box seemed to threaten injury to my knocking knees and shins!

Finally, after much coercion from my over zealous trainer, I managed a few landings on the edge with my toes teetering until I fell backwards to prepare for the next jump.

Thank God for my week break to Guatemala! I was so excited to return and share this adventure with family and friends.

I was eager to point out the different places we had visited, those we  had opportunities to pour into and share with and vice-versa.

Until the fourth day, that is. Then the same fear that struck me powerless in front of the angle iron box returned.

We had returned to the same hospital filled with children born with cerebral palsy that had almost left me frozen with helplessness in February.

And then I remembered the tears of joy that came after a beautiful girl, at first unresponsive, laughed with pure joy as I sang to her.

I moved in with resolve to share the unconditional love that God showed me, and the joy that overflowed in my life everyday.

Soon the room was filled with laughter!

I looked around and saw that everyone else was sharing the same love and joy in various ways with the child in front of them!

Some were dancing, some were singing, playing ball or listening to music. We were having an impromptu party!

Everything seemed so much easier this time. I connected with each child in a way that almost made me want to stay.

I didn’t want the joy and laughter to end. They brought me hope. They renewed my strength.

I couldn’t wait to get home to share all of my adventures with everyone. Unfortunately, my first appointment was time at the gym.

And what did I have to face? The ominous angle iron box! And my crazy trainer wanted me to jump on it, landing on one foot this time!

(I told you they plan torturous things!)

So I bent my knees, and I swung my arms, and I landed on the box with one foot!

And I did it over and over again! Not wavering, not falling back, I stuck every landing!

I realized then, the obstacle had never been the box. My belief in what I was capable of was the only thing that changed in that powerful week.

Just like at the children’s home, I often stand back thinking I am incapable. It is such harmful, paralyzing thought!

One that I refuse to hold me back again!

What is holding you back?

What paralyzing fear or thought is holding you captive?

Keeping you from doing the one thing that may prove once and for all that you are stronger than you think you are!

You are, you know –

So bend your knees, swing your arms


Love, Pazazdance

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” (Phil. 4:13)