What one (unnecessary) thing do you love that you rarely get to enjoy?

In our fast paced, media driven world it often takes determined intentionality to partake of a “slice” of “unproductive” enjoyment.

I only use that word because our society tends to equate value with its own definition of importance.
We have come to confuse “not critical“ with “not important“. We forget how important self-care truly is.

When I ask what you rarely get to enjoy I  am not talking about giving up your favorite Chocolate dessert while you are on a 30 day Keto diet, or even sleeping in on a rainy Saturday.

I’m talking about being too busy to indulge in reading a good novel at night, laying in a hammock gazing at the stars, or taking a romantic walk on the beach.

Can you think of one thing right now? Or 2-3? Write them down!

If you are like so many people I know that one thing is put aside for special occasions like holidays or vacation.
But what if we thought enough of ourselves to indulge in these little luxurious moments more often?

I’ve been trying to catch myself when I subconsciously override the passing whim to indulge in these sacred moments.

I’ve lain outside watching the clouds roll by, and strategically read bite sized sections of a fantasy novel over the past few weeks. and I also just determined to hop off the hamster wheel every now and then to have coffee dates with friends.

At the moment I am desperately wanting to have a Downtown Abbey themed tea party. Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time reconciling my calendar with my desires.

Have you ever found yourself held against your will by your schedule?

I have a secret for you- you hold the keys to controlling your time!

There may be things that you feel have to get done. And the fear of getting fired, or not getting a paycheck may inspire your commitment to showing up for work several days a week. But within these spaces exist gaps of time that we fill with time-zapping insignificant activities.

Can you honestly tell me that you’ve never picked at your fingernails, or examined every imperfection on your face in the mirror (or some similar task) for 10 minutes or more before???

Soooo, which of your neglected favorites could you sneak into one of these pockets of time instead?

I had a thought – why don’t I ever think about taking one of my lovely china teacups out occasionally to have tea on my own,

or even inviting over a friend to have tea, just because?

What makes me think it has to be a “full out” special occasion, like a holiday tea party, to enjoy something so special?

So, I ask you again- what is one special thing you enjoy that you rarely get to do?

Remember the one that you wrote down?
How can you you intentionally put it on your calendar?
Let’s take it a step further- after you set a date, follow through.

I’m going to help you out here.

Comment below on your one special thing and the date you’re going to indulge in it.

Then I will post a pic of my tea and even follow up with you after your chosen date.

Don’t forget some days it’s OK to indulge,
And remember ~ you’re worth it!