I don’t know about you but I have easily fallen out of spring into the lazy days of summer.

As we hit the halfway mark it’s a great time to evaluate your progress for the year. Are you where you hoped you would be? Or maybe you are like me and some of your well intentioned resolutions have fallen by the wayside?

Either way don’t forget we are in this together and fortunately we still have plenty of time to see our dreams become a reality!

This summer can make or break you. It can be the launch of your next great adventure, the pivotal journey towards your dreams, or the year you give in to discouragement and throw in the towel.

What are you passionate about pursuing this year and what obstacles have crossed your path or totally derailed you?

Your greatest achievement could literally be right around the corner!

John Wesley Powell set an inspiring standard in the summer of 1869.

A former Civil War major and geology professor, he led a 10 man expedition on a daunting adventure that was not for the faint at heart. He strategically hand-picked friends and colleagues with similar interests to accompany him on his journey including his own brother, Walter.

Who have you asked to support you on your budding adventure? I have learned whenever I get discouraged to evaluate my progress (or lack of it) with the “hand-picked” people that are closest to me. Inevitably within a minimal amount of time I am encouraged and back on track. But not everyone is up to the task when the going gets tough, as Major Powell soon found out.

A severe blow started out their three month journey as they lost two out of the four boats packed with gear in the rapids of the Colorado River. As the weeks progressed the journey didn’t get easier. Overcome with frustration one of the men, Frank Goodman, a self proclaimed adventurer, left the team of explorers altogether after only one month!

But for years, the motivating factor of the story for me was the life altering decision of three men that threw in the towel, choosing to continue the journey on land (tragically never to be seen or heard from again). A mere two days later Major Powell’s expedition rounded the bend to complete the first documented journey of the wondrous Grand Canyon!

I have never wanted that to be the climatic ending of my story – but how many people give up so close to success and never know?

I am not about to give up this far into the journey what about you? We will all have challenges and obstacles to overcome.

(Did I mention that Major Powell navigated this feat after losing one arm in the war?)

No victory or accomplishment comes without struggles and sacrifices.

I don’t know what you are facing right now. But I know you have dreams that you are still wanting to pursue.

Let’s do this together! And may our accomplishments be as amazing to us as discovering the Grand Canyon.

No matter how big or small your goals may seem

Don’t quit now!

The destination may be right around the corner.