Don’t let the conviction of others sway your own.

At work, at school, in public and on social media we seem to be bombarded by angry outbursts. There are times when I can see the reasoning behind them, and others not at all.

The temptation comes when the noise becomes so loud and many of our friends and peers jump on the bandwagon.
This is the defining moment; do we merge with the growing crowd or make a determination for ourselves?

Recognizing that these moments will always arise it is crucial to know what your values are, what you believe in and most importantly, why? If these are not cemented in your soul you can easily be swayed by the influence of others.

I tend to error on the side of silence, lending my voice to no one – most of the time. Occasionally when there is a conversation that pulls at my heart I cannot hide. This is usually when one of my values has been challenged at its core. Then slowly, tactfully and prayerfully I share my perspective.

Recently, such an incident drew a response.
I was forced to speak up for someone/something that was pushed to the side indifferently. I hoped and prayed that there was a misunderstanding.

(I often think this when I see these arguments and conflicts arise.)

Do you choose to wait or jump in with a response?

What if you are wrong? Will you feel foolish for going along with the crowd on a matter you were not fully informed on?

Sometimes silence is golden, sometimes it is necessary, other times it is painful.

I knew I couldn’t remain silent. I also knew I had no power to affect the outcome.
Does your voice matter? Does mine?

When a conviction is so close to your heart, like mine aches for those caught in human trafficking, your voice can join with the other drops to form a river of change.

Other times the nagging drops are more like Chinese water torture.
Use your voice wisely.

I waited for days.

When I finally received news of a resolution, no words could express the the exultation and relief I️ experienced. My body slowly resumed its natural state as I recognized the tenseness easing out limb by limb.

I was met face to face with something I was willing to fight for. Not conform, not join to be accepted, not rally behind because everyone else seems to be – but truly stand for what I believe was right in the midst of a wrong.


You have this great gift that can build up or tear down. How you choose to use it is up to you.

Know your values.
Find your voice.
Never let the noise of the crowd
And THEIR convictions
Sway your own.





“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

A time to be silent and a time to speak.”  Ecc. 3:1,7