When life is crashing down around you it’s hard to imagine a happily ever after in your future.

What is it about challenges and trials that makes us get so easily dejected?

Shouldn’t we be encouraged by the sayings that these things  will only making us stronger?

Instead we tend to give in and give up. Or even worse, just coast without any faith that things will ever change.

If you were told for certain that “one day” you would win the lottery, marry the man of your dreams, and live your most fulfilled life would you-

Sit back and wait for it to come to you.
Propel yourself forward conquering every obstacle to get to that “one day” as quickly as possible?

My husband and I started our marriage out by dancing to “ The Best is Yet to Come “.

That became our theme song. It is a constant reminder that whatever we tackle together- we still have hope in what is to come.

Whether it’s cancer, finances or just everyday conflicts that seemed to escalate, we always keep our focus on that future.

Ironically we want to have our Fairytale without the challenges and conflicts that are evident in all of them.

Would there even be a Sleeping Beauty without Malificent?
Cinderella with no wicked stepmother and stepsisters?

And poor Snow White, you think she would have learned from Eve’s mistake not to take apples from strangers!

When we think of our daily battles from that perspective
(I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to battle a few dragons in my day)
our lives are more like Fairytales than we thought.

And just maybe the mountains we have to climb and heartaches we go through are weaving together the tale that leads to our happily ever after.

So, maybe we should break out our Warrior Princess mode and tackle the day before us.
If we give in to the struggles and the challenges- they win!
If we learn, grow and (hopefully) overcome them – we are one step closer to the life we’ve always wanted but never thought possible.

The crazy thing is that when we get through these trials we are more amazed at who we’ve become and what was accomplished.

So, be strong brave warrior and let’s do this thing~

The Best is Yet to Come!






“And we know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. ” ROM. 8:28 kjv