There is something mystifying about arriving at summer camp alone and leaving a few  days later with a whole new set of lifelong friends.

The apprehension of walking into a cabin of strangers is replaced within hours by the intimacy of late night conversations and shared confidences.

No other place  can bring rival schools together in greater unity. The lines that distinguish the south side of town from the west side are suddenly blurred in the confines of the canyon walls.

As if

for a short time

you have been transported into a magical alternate reality

where time stands as still as the crystal clear river.

New adventures and familiar pastimes intertwine to fill the days.

And then it happens.

As camp begins to draw to a close, the internal struggle commences.

Will they really stay in touch?

Would the things once pondered only in your soul truly knit together relationships born of vulnerability?

At camp no question is too dumb, or secret too earth-shattering.

There is no judgment;

Only love & grace

And understanding.

Like the one time you catch someone’s eyes widen in wonder as you broach the subject they were too afraid to bring up.


We need this community more than once a year.

We need someone to talk to and share with.

To vent, to cry, to resolve conflict – maybe even change the world!

Because we made a vow, didn’t we?

Things would be different when we returned home.

Our lives would change for the better. We would be stronger and braver and bolder in helping others see as we see now.

 This is why we are afraid. We can’t do this alone. We weren’t created to.

We need accountability,

We need the sisterhood.

The ones that remind us of the insurmountable heights we climbed – fears we conquered – and then how we simply stood in awe!

The sun beats down in all of it’s glory, reminding you that at camp God is bigger than you ever imagined.

If that’s even possible.

Faith is ignited like a wildfire out of control. And that is a good thing.

Because away from the distractions of everyday life, where the starlit sky is dimmed by city lights and the still small voice of God is drowned out by

media and all other kinds of technology (we once thought we could not live without) you find your truest sense of belonging.

We are the family of God,

We are sisters.

The apprehension is gone,

because at this moment you know,

WE know

These are the ties that bind and what we shared will transcend the tests of time.

It’s never too late.

We will all be there for each other.

Be bold, be brave, be vulnerable

And reach out – cultivate the relationships that are

The Sisterhood!