Everyone is posting # Days of Thanksgiving, and I decided to join them in a different way and for a different reason … I need accountability! I am thankful for SO many things & for SO many reasons, that I couldn’t possibly stop listing them next week anyway!
     But the real reason is that I have tried many times to start this Blog & never followed through. It doesn’t help that I think of creative things to say at the most in opportune time (driving down the interstate) & then forget them when I’m home. But I am embarking on a new challenging adventure, I am running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon to raise $ for Abolition International, 100 days from now.
   I want to share the lessons learned & struggles overcome as I count down the days. Maybe we can all benefit from a little accountability going into the holidays!

I am thankful to live in a country where I can run for freedom & wear a crown while doing it!

Free To Run