As a Youth Leader, one of my favorite pastimes is hanging out with High School & College age girls.

I love late night talks about boys and dating, and all the struggles that go along with them.

I courageously share my experiences and insights with the powerful advantage of hindsight!

During these discussions, I have yet to meet a young woman who has aspired to be a prostitute, or a crack addict, or an adulteress.

We all wish upon a star to meet Prince Charming and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, sometimes we confuse Mr. Right Now with Prince Charming!

If their story even slightly resembles mine, the yearning for affection and affirmation from a male figure ( in my case, because of an absent father) temporarily blurs their judgment.

And thus begins the path to compromise. Paved with the sentiment of only wanting to be loved.

That was me in college. I just knew I found the man I was going to marry! I was “in love” and no one could convince me otherwise! Caution flew out the window along with every moral judgment that once pierced my soul.  My prince soon fell off his white horse and found another fair maiden to fall for his tale. If I lived in the 16th century I would have a Scarlet “A” blazoned upon my chest. Fortunately for me we live in the age of “consenting adults”.

More than anything in the world, at that time in my life, I needed the guidance of a caring mentor . Maybe I would have made less mistakes and avoided many heartaches.  But, fortunately I was granted a second chance and now I am truly living a fairy tale life with my Prince Charming!

I think of Rahab, the prostitute,  in the book of Joshua. She took a risk; she believed in a  God she had only heard stories of & took a stand to protect Joshua and Caleb. Because of her faith, she was given a second chance! Her life was spared by a symbolic Red Cord! The contrast of Rahab’s red cord and the “Scarlet Letter” A , that became the judgmental symbol of promiscuous women, astounds me!

I am broken for the hurting, misunderstood women just seeking to find someone to love them. I am crossing over the prejudice of suburbia to show love to the women seeking to find the unconditional love that only God can give.

I was given a second chance at my Fairy Tale life, not because of my choices, but because of the forgiving mercy of God! How could I not share this amazing gift with others?

Like Moses, I see a people that I identify with more than those who reside around me.  There are women who are searching for love or security in all the wrong places. I have nothing to offer except the powerful tool that is in my hand… empathy!

I know how it feels. I also know the redeeming power of the Red Cord!

So, off to the streets I go! Reaching out to those, who have heard of His power, and are looking for someone to prove to them that He is Who He says He is!

If you see Red Cords flying around town, it just might be me. Pray for the women who need to believe in the saving power of the Red Cord!