She sits in the corner of the room. She is invisible to the world.

She was bullied in school and abused at home.

All she ever wanted was to belong,

to believe that someone could love her.

She believed the lies.

She drowned out the pain with drugs and alcohol.

Zombies had nothing on her.

She could have been the walking dead.

Then one day you walked into her life.

You brought her hope.

You believed the stories.

You told your friends.

That is all that awareness is;

When you first hear about the atrocity that is Human Trafficking, it is easy to turn away.

But hard to deny.

When between 27-30 million are enslaved today, you can’t be silent.

You go to a movie screening.

You read a book.

You memorize the Human Trafficking Hotline number.


And when you see her get into the car you call.

It wasn’t the first time, but it will be the last.

You brought her hope.

She may never know your name, but she is getting help now.

She is in a home full of healing.

She knows she is beautiful.

Someday she will find someone that will love her.

She will belong.

The invitation to help has been sent out all around the world.

Not everyone will respond.


You brought her hope.

Welcome to the ball.