When grey clouds begin swirling around forming a colorless cotton candy in the sky,

our first thoughts are usually consumed with getting to shelter before the impending storm arrives.

If it wasn’t for the magnetic glow of the sun breaking through the haze, I may have done the same, never looking up.

Look up

What do you see?

When our only solution seems to be some form of escape, do we miss the mystery of beauty beyond the storm?

I almost lost the opportunity to witness a majestic sight.

A couple of large eagles began to rise above the storm clouds.

In apparent succession, a flock of smaller birds fell into place, swirling below them.

They were soon followed by sparrows and doves rising from the field where I stood.

The fowl parade flew higher and higher in an amazing balletic display from the largest to the smallest.

When comparing the succession to life, I wondered where we fit into the analogy.

Do we run and hide? Or rise above our circumstances towards the hope giving light?

I hope I forge a path for others to follow.

Sometimes I find myself somewhere in the middle. I see someone overcoming an adversity that I am facing and follow them up.

There will always be someone waiting and watching to see how we respond.

I want to soar with the eagles.

What about you?

I don’t know what you are facing today, but together we can rise above it.

I’ll go first.

And we will bring hope to those who fall in behind.

After all, we weren’t created to run and hide.

We were born to fly!