How can I truly be a voice for the voiceless? How can I even pretend to understand what they’ve been through? – No! – What they are going through.

    Mom’s constant and emphatic “You don’t Know!” may be true after all. How can I pretend to know the anguish, the questioning heart cries, the doubt that resounds to heaven of …

“If there is truly a God – then why?”

  Sure, I’ve suffered, I’ve hurt, I know pain and abandonment, deception and even abuse. But does time and extent count? Or is pain the same? Do internal scars bring us together as community like Soul Tattoos?

  I long to reach out and ease the pain. To comfort with words of hope. I want to throw a life preserver that encourages them to hold on just a little bit longer – help IS on the way!

  It is, isn’t it?  That’s why we work so hard. Why we lobby, why we fight, why we pray! Why we sacrifice so many of our precious weekends. (Because like everyone else, we only have 52 in a year.)

  We are warriors!

  I am a warrior – I am a Warrior Princess, I didn’t realize that until now.

I will fight to defend those who do not realize their worth – yet.

I will arm myself with the knowledge to set them free. So I can arm them to battle the dark forces that hold them captive, that lie to them daily, deceiving them into believing they are not royalty!

  I will defend the princesses of God – the “Rebekahs” still in captivity until they are free and sit in their rightful place as joint heirs with the King of Kings –

 Because beauty, like a diamond, is reflected best in the light.