“When is the Last Time You did Something For the First Time?”

The phrase jumped out at me, as the man in the checkout line moved forward.

He probably didn’t even remember what t-shirt he put on that morning,

much less the impact the words on the back were having on me!

Actually, the anticipation of what is soon to happen is all I can think about.

For the past few years, I have burst out of my shell in ways that have blown my mind!

The “old me” was too intimidated to even ask for Sweet-N-Low at a restaurant, or send back my undercooked steak.

Never would I imagine speaking to, much less training large groups of professionals!

What changed?

My “Clark Kent” personality was confronted with the fact that there were hundreds of thousands of victims out there that needed to be rescued! Victims who needed a voice and someone to believe in.

You only need to read one book or watch one movie about Human Trafficking to realize there is a battle out there begging to be fought!

Don’t even get me started on statistics about young girls, or children….

It is unfathomable that we have cities filled with vile criminals doing unmentionable things to our neighbors in houses, hotels and over the internet. Children are not a commodity to be bought and sold for someone else’s sick pleasure.

And I, for one, am not going to stand by and watch it happen without taking action.

So, for the first time –

About four years ago, I boarded a plane for Washington D.C. to lobby for the Trafficking of Victims Protection Act (Reauthorization),

I began to go to conferences to amass information so I could train local organizations in Human Trafficking awareness,

I went to South Africa to volunteer in a Rescue Shelter,

Ran a half-marathon to raise money for a shelter here in the U.S.,

(In a Princess Outfit!)

I did a news interview to fight for the rights of victims,

and so much more!

This girl???

The one who was too intimidated to fight for sweet tea?


When the fight was about someone else, it was easy to take a stand.

I even joke about having to take my cape off at times, because it seems so surreal.

When was the last time YOU did something for the first time?

When was the last time you championed a cause?

Ran a race to support a non-profit?

Volunteered at a local Food Bank or Homeless Shelter?

Gave money to a visiting Missionary?

Became the visiting Missionary? 🙂

Trust me, there is room on this JUSTICE LEAGUE for all of us!

So tie on your cape and join the fight!

And the next time I do something for the first time,

I believe it just may be rescuing a girl and giving her hope for a future!