The day rushes by with so much of my “to  do” list left undone!

I have so many goals, so many dreams that I have not even begun to fulfill.

But I have learned to live in the moment, to value those times that others rush through or simply miss.

I sit with my feet propped up on the same ottoman as my husband’s as we drink our morning coffee.

I ignore dirty dishes in exchange for reading or playing on the floor with my grandchildren.

I drop whatever I’m doing to have lunch with my visiting son.

And drive across town to take my Mom a Café Mocha.

I observe people, I talk to people, and I listen.

Then I share the stories that I glean with others to hopefully bring some insight to this crazy world we live in

and hopefully, help make it a better place.

I’ve learned in so many ways to place a value on my precious time because I know that we only have

One Life To Live!

One life to share with family,

One life to build true friendships,

One life to be the Body to a hurting world,

One life to cherish love,

 One life to make a stranger smile,

One life to forgive (even when you think you’re right),

One life to honor others,

One life to be the Change,

One life to leave a Legacy!

That leaves no time for gossip or pettiness. No time to judge or bear grudges.

No time to lie, or cheat, or pretend to be someone you’re not

In retrospect, this is my goal, my dream.

It is what I am striving for, and what I hope someday to attain.

And I surround myself with people that feel the same way.

If you’ve been rushing through life too busy to live in the moment,


Remember, you only have

One Life to Live

And the lives that you impact will have a longer-lasting impact than a few clean dishes!