Whether it’s grabbing for the mints when we exit a restaurant or gobbling up free samples in the food court, we gravitate towards things we don’t have to pay for.

I love free samples in the mail, free samples in a store …Free, free, free!

I will be the first one online  to download a free book, but last night when I saw the price tag on an online study tool (that included multiple books) I almost choked!

Was it worth it? Most definitely! It was actually valued way above the sale price.

So why did I balk?

Why do any of us get that “sticker shock” effect when we see something we want, until we see what it will cost us?

We live in a society that wants something for nothing in every area of our lives;

I hear people gripe about their wages, yet they do the bare minimum to fulfill their job description,

Others want a healthy, fit body, but spend more time in drive-thrus than walking around the block,

We hunger for knowledge, while watching hours of mindless television, rather than picking up a book that intrigues us.

Really? Do we know the answer to our desires, yet stubbornly refuse to the pay the price?

I have high aspirations ~ I want to change the world!

It takes hours of planning and study. Meetings, trainings and conferences consume hours, days and weeks of my precious time.

I have met countless new people and reconnected with old friends, developing relationships and joining together to accomplish this mission.

It takes sacrifice, it takes time and the rewards far outweigh the price we pay.

This is what keeps us going, seeing progress, seeing lives change, learning and implementing our new knowledge!

Sometimes it’s two steps forward and one step back, and rarely does it go according to plan.

But everyone I know that sees the result of the price they paid would do it all over again!

What about you?

If we could ALL see on the other side, the ultimate pay off, that what we want may really be worth the price,

Would we do it?

Would we give in and pay the price?

It’s time to count the cost …

I may just get that book set after all, who knows what lives could be changed by the knowledge they hold?

 (Right after I get back from the gym!)