I have to confess, I don’t love to run. I run because I have found it is a cardiovascular necessity in my life.

It is a necessity because I do love to eat!

A life long goal of mine is to live a Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally AND Physically balanced life,

That IS as hard as it sounds!

Frequently  I find the balance faltering. And when that happens, the excuses run rampant!

Recently, my running partner and I met in the park after a long break to try and get back on schedule.

As we rounded the corner, breathing heavily, I blamed my slow pace on my aching, aging body.

“I am too old for this!” I complained.

Having slowed to a walk, our path was soon intersected by a lovely, elderly lady.

She paused to ask if we “walked” here often.

Having run two half-marathons, we sheepishly admitted to “running” in the park 2-3 times per week.

“Mrs. Smiley” shared that she had been walking this park every week for 30 years!

Her petite stature and perky step affirmed her claims.

I almost fell over backwards when she revealed that she was in her 90’s!!!

As Mrs. Smiley walked off, after several more minutes of her encouraging small talk, I rebuked my negative perspective.

How could I complain, or worse, use age as an excuse, after bearing witness to this amazing lady that exuded life and joyful gratitude!

Our run resumed with a newfound desire to conquer the road of this park for another four decades.

We didn’t log our best time, or our longest run, but we did more than we anticipated that day because of our divine encounter with Mrs. Smiley.

I believe she was a Godsend that day to encourage us to persevere. It is so easy to give up on the task at hand; to make excuses, to shift the blame…

To flat out quit!

Confucius said, ” It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

So, on the days that it seems so hard,

the days that I want to complain, or give in,

I will just keep going.

I may be slow, and inconsistent

at times I may have to walk,


I will persevere!

Whatever you are going through that seems insurmountable, remember to take it





Do not give up!