As an encourager and an optimist I am often shocked at how difficult it is for so many women to see the gifts, talents and beauty in themselves that is so obvious to me.

Until I gaze into the evil magnifying mirror myself.

We are women after all.

Fifteen or fifty, we’ve mistakenly bought into the lie that advertisers set the standard.

It hurts my heart to see so many of us fall for the façade that somehow frolicking around a new vehicle in a bikini equates with happiness.

That grey hair, laugh lines and even a small percentage of body fat somehow decreases our value.

(Bring those girls to South Texas by the way, they need some real Mexican food!)

We fight from deep within to believe what we “know” to be true, that we have value and worth and God created each and everyone of us with our own defined beauty to make our mark on this world for His Glory!

Until we hear a malicious voice that has reverberated slyly throughout the centuries, ” Bless her heart, at least she has a nice personality.”


With all women in mind I set out to find some research to disprove these lies once and for all.

Are you ready to begin this New Year believing in the New You?

5 Transforming Facts I learned from Cinderella:

  1. You were predestined for Greatness! As I sat curled up in my pj’s I reveled in the fact that Cinderella was born for Happily EVER After. She had some trials and tragedies along the way, but I knew the ending.
  2. Others will often be jealous of what you have and what you’ve done. I am always amazed at the selfishness and cruelty of the  Stepmother and her daughters. Not only do they delegate all the dirty, menial tasks to Cinderella, they rip the dress she creates to shreds to keep her away from the ball!
  3. Your position does not define you. Her wicked stepsisters nicknamed her “Cinder”-Ella for the ashes that clung to her while performing her duties. But jobs are NOT our identity. (Neither are the places we’ve been.)
  4. True transformation only happens with a little supernatural help. (Even 12 step programs recognize the need for a higher power.) Until her Fairy Godmother showed up, Cinderella thought her situation  was hopeless.
  5. When you step into your true identity everyone stops and takes notice. Don’t tell me you haven’t dreamt of your own CINDERELLA moment; The doors open, you walk in dressed in your newfound confidence and the room holds it’s breath in awe!

This is not a Fairy Tale, this is truth.

So, let’s stop believing the lies and take the New You all the way to our Happily Ever After!