I take friendship very seriously, probably too much. There is a huge gap between “aquaintance” and “friend” with me. I can count the number of close friends I’ve had on my hands. Which totally disavows the list I have accumulated on Facebook!
     I mentioned before that I need accountability, but I am more than willing to “cheer on” someone else to help them fulfill their goals and dreams. Like I said, I take this seriously. But that is the fun part, what about the times “when life happens”? When things get tough and subjects get sticky? When pain is involved and the risk of tears? What happens then?
 A friend once said in frustration that I promised her “Tea Parties”. Actually, I distinctly remember saying that we were moving across the country to “go undercover” for God. And going undercover in itself implies there is an enemy involved, and if there is an enemy involved there will probably be trouble & I am drawn to trouble like Nancy Drew (You have been forewarned if you were thinking of being my friend), so I wasnt sure where the misunderstanding came from???
    My take on friendship comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12, where it states that a person alone can be defeated, but if two are standing together they can withstand the enemy, and if God is with them…well then, that could be an indestructable bond!

   I hope you take friendships seriously, not just for what you get, but also for what you can give. Life does happen, it is not all tea parties and fairy tales, and when it does you are going to want the kind of friend that stands beside you no matter what, so be that kind of friend to someone now!

“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (ESV)