The enticing words, spelled out on a banner before me, almost felt like a dare..


My adventure?

My life hadn’t seemed very adventurous, in the way I thought of “real adventures”. The advertisement stood among mounted lions and various other animals from around the world. The brochures and booths at the Dallas Safari Club opened up a whole new world to me that had been reserved for books and movies.

That was almost three years ago, and many adventures have called my name since then. I am more eager to take the road less traveled. I am even more eager to share the life changing effects with others.

“What did it feel like, being there?”

Her eyes sparkled, and the look on her face was reminiscent of the call of her own adventure.

I was speaking to a group of High School students. Many of whom were afraid to dream. Afraid that their lives would be no different than their parents and grandparents. My desire was to combat that fear with reality, using my own experiences. Evidently, with one girl I did. She was asking about my trips to Washington DC, lobbying at the Capital. I admitted, there were times it was scary. Walking into the Speaker of the House’s office without an appointment was one of those times.

When I asked the students what they were afraid of, one quickly replied, “Being told ‘No'”.

Fear of rejection is one of the greatest obstacles to living out our adventurous dreams. It was definitely mine.

The story had a happy ending; not only were we welcomed into a meeting room, but the interns that met with us were very interested and receptive to the information that my group was lobbying for. Does that happen every time? Not necessarily, but I encouraged the students to make the most of the opportunities presented to them (I did take a quick pic with the Nameplate on the office door just to prove I had been there.), you can’t succeed if you never try!

The more examples I shared, the more hope and anticipation filled the room. I knew I had accomplished my task. It took me two decades to realize obstacles, like mountains were meant to be conquered.There was no one in my life to let me know that’s what makes it an adventure.  Sometimes we have to “Do it afraid!”

Don’t wait twenty years to do what you’ve only dreamt of doing…completing your education, going after that career, visiting that place, or writing that book.

Your Adventure Awaits !

What are YOU waiting for?