Letter to my younger self is an actual chapter in a book I am currently reading. If you wrote that chapter what advice would you give – you?

What are your likes and dislikes? What makes your heart sing, or brings a smile to your face? What drives your sense of style? What are your gifts? What are your strengths and personality type? (There are many books and online tests to give you an idea. Gary Smalley’s and Strengthsfinder 2.0 are a couple of my favorites.)

Now have five friends and/or family members give input on your gifts and strengths.

As you review these lists, what would your future self have to say?

Would she echo Colbie Caillat saying “You don’t have to try so hard”?

Or maybe, like me, you are pleasantly surprised at the girl all your friends see you as.

As you begin to recognize your natural gifts and strengths (and those that aren’t) you begin to understand why some things come easy and others are harder to navigate. This will help to chart your course in the flow of what you were created to do and the areas that you may need to adjust or work on.

Realize that there is a distinction between gifts and skills.

I cannot sing (at all, not even a little) so if my dream was to win the next American vocal talent show, that would probably need reevaluating.

I happen to be very creative, however, I can’t crochet. But if my dream was to crochet blankets for orphan babies, I could learn!

Lastly, as your future self (the destination, dream version) creates this letter of advice I pray she speaks honestly and truthfully.

I often ask young women wailing over the fact they cannot attract their “handsome prince”, if they are aspiring to be the lady their dream guy would be seeking? The same could be said of our dream career.

My aspirations of being a fit and healthy role model for teen girls could easily be sabotaged by a bad habit of binging on sweets and junk food.

I believe each one of us was created to fulfill a unique purpose. I believe you are drawn to that dream and have the abilities and strengths to achieve it. (Even if you don’t believe it yet.) So let’s begin the process to see where that might lead!