In the late 80’s movie Dead Poet’s Society, Robin Williams made famous (or at least more renowned) the saying “carpe diem” which translates “seize the day”.                                       He plays a schoolteacher encouraging his students in unorthodox ways not to put their dreams off until “tomorrow”.

I can honestly admit that I probably wasted away so many of my early years just going along with the crowd and not being proactive in pursuing my life’s dreams. Now that I find myself at the halfway mark I am more determined than ever to passionately pursue those things I desire to accomplish in my lifetime. I’m not just referring to goals or work or practical things like that.
I’m also thinking about frivolous fantasies and life experiences that I do not want to pass me by.
For example I can’t help thinking about the life-changing experience I had when my husband and I traveled to New Zealand. (I feel it is my life’s purpose to convince everyone that this should be on their bucket list as well). We ended up choosing this momentous adventure when I asked my husband, who has been to several countries around the world, what his dream trip would be. He did not hesitate when he said that he had always dreamed of hunting red stag in New Zealand.

Do you have a dream like that you can think of? There are so many things to do and so many places to see in our marvelous world. Unfortunately millions of people never venture farther than their own neighborhood.
We always assume that one day we will get around to accomplishing these things.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. And if we do not intentionally set plans in place they will rarely just organically happen. If you want to go somewhere and accomplish your bucket list dream you first must plan it.
Believe me I have always wanted to go to see castles in Europe. I had no idea what planning a trip like that entails. Do you even realize how many European countries have castles worthy of seeing? How do you choose just one or two countries?
I went to the travel agent to plan my trip and left in tears. It was so overwhelming. There are so many places to go and so many amazing things to see! I had to come to terms with the fact that this would not be my one and only trip. Then I was free to choose the highest ranking location and destination on my list. This took the pressure off of having to do everything all at one time. But the key was that I was actually moving towards my dreams and accomplishing something. Now I am working on planning my next expedition.
Are you?

What is something you’ve always wanted to do? Now, what is keeping you from doing it?
We are not guaranteed tomorrow so you better start making your plans today!

Carpe diem!