Recently my husband found me furiously cleaning the guest bathroom (I was on the floor scrubbing the toilet as a matter of fact). I don’t want you to have any misconceptions here, I actually hate cleaning in general and bathrooms most of all. However, a clean toilet wasn’t my motivation for my sudden desire to deep clean. Something far greater inspired me to get my house ready. Family was coming to visit and I wanted everything warm and welcoming for them.

Have you ever found yourself doing a task you despised because the final destination was something you loved more than anything? How often do we accomplish things that we would put off forever except for the fact that they were a means to an end? Have you ever studied or gone back to school to receive a certification that propelled your career or passion? It’s the same thing, unfortunately it’s usually something we give little thought to. And when we do it is usually an afterthought.

I want you to imagine or think about one goal or dream you want more than anything?

Now – What are you willing to do to make it happen?

So often our dreams and plans are derailed by the sheer abhorrence of all the tasks that precede their fulfillment. If you are like me you procrastinate because of the abundance of details and/or tedious tasks.

Let’s begin to pursue our dreams and our goals with the end in mind.

By human nature our gaze moves towards the light, we can’t help it. When our path Is dark and shadowed and we are unable to make out which way to go, we move slow and timidly.

But when a portion of the path is illuminated we almost bolt towards the new clarity. It gives us the confidence to traverse more obstacles and unpleasantness when we have a clear picture of our destination.

Unfortunately, most of our journeys feel like they take place in a dimly lit room.

We slide our feet forward one tentative step at a time until we make some minute progress towards our destination. If only we truly understood how the work brings the light.

As a new year unfolds before us we begin to make plans on what to pursue. I encourage you to unpack your dreams and visions and pursue clarity before goals.

Once you are clear on your final destinations you’re better able to lay out plans for that pursuit.

And with your goals set before you illuminated with clarity you can now throw off anything that may be holding you back and run with perseverance to achieve them! (Hebrews 12:1-3)

Let me know what you are pursuing in the upcoming months, I’d love to help you find clarity to accomplish your dreams!