I would like to preface this with the fact that I have a rather vivid imagination. And I fuel that imagination with beautiful, fantastical fiction books and movies.

I believe in portals, ley lines and serendipity.

So it only seems like a natural progression that I would entertain thoughts of superpowers and superheroes.

Is it just me or do others also believe there must be something more to this life?

Obviously I have a strong bent towards having a purpose and a plan predetermined for our life. But when I think about that purpose I feel a strong power behind me whispering which direction to go and feeling that it will go supportingly with me.

Does this mean that I think I can walk through walls or fly?

Not Really.

Although, (and I don’t feel like I’m alone here) I would really love to have the ability to fly.


On a sidenote, if you could have one superpower what would it be?

I guess the special powers I’m thinking of are encouragement, tenacity- you know that kind of perseverance that helps you accomplish above and beyond what most people ever even attempt.

I would love to be strong enough to rescue people out of life threatening and dangerous situations.

But isn’t that what firefighters, law-enforcement officers, and our military and medical personnel do on a daily basis?

I think we put too much emphasis on the super part of superhero. Couldn’t being a superhero just mean fulfilling our calling and doing what we are naturally gifted towards in an excellent way on a daily basis?

If bravery is the opposite of fear then a hero is just the person doing what we all wish we could do but doing it afraid.

Sometimes a cape looks like a badge, a helmet or a multitude of different kinds of uniforms.

At other times our hero resembles a teacher or even a parent. Those parents that really knock it out of the park are the most unsung heroes of all time.

It must be the mask that keeps their identity so secret.

If you’re like me and you feel somewhere deep down that your destiny is to be a superhero., Why not look around and see how you can start today.

There’s probably someone in your life longing for a hero to come alongside them, believe in them and rescue them from the life they are living right now.

I will let you in on a little secret; you may already be one of the heroes I spoke about earlier who play a multitude of various roles.

But if you’re looking for a way to live out your secret identity one of the most relevant ways to do this on a consistent basis is to be a mentor. There are so many young people craving that input of wisdom and discernment in their lives. And as they begin to trust you (which only comes from consistently showing up like any good superhero does) eventually they begin to see the positive results that the relationship inevitably brings to their life.

They may not realize it now but one day they will look back and recognize how you stepped in to save the day and changed the trajectory of their life forever.

Who knows we probably have more superpowers than we realize.

So don your cape and see how you can impact the world for good today.