How do you separate a melancholy mood from unrelenting April showers when the storms raging outside seem to mirror the ones bombarding your life?

When I was a young girl my mother (the local “weather girl”) was featured in some television commercials.

One of my favorites closed with her gazing out a window, rain flowing down blurring the scene in a Monet-like beauty. It was easy to imagine tears flowing down her face as well.

So, how do you distinguish between the downpours in life and the feelings deep inside?

It would be wonderful to have an emergency “storm” warning to prepare for PMS, menopause or relationship oriented attacks! Then you could gather your tissues, chocolate, a friend to vent to and miscellaneous emergency supplies to be fully prepared. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app for that yet.

I have noticed the storms a lot lately. But even more than that, I have noticed how easy it is to slip into the scene of merging raindrops with tears. As a self-proclaimed optimist this was unnerving. So, I began an emergency preparation checklist. Was the storm within my control? Could I take some action for the storm? Is there someone I can turn to that may help me weather the storm? And finally, if I notice the storm brewing can I be better prepared with my response?

There is something very powerful about realizing that storms will come. It becomes easier to recognize their approach and be prepared. Sometimes you may have to take shelter somewhere else to weather out the storm.

(Good friends and family are great options).

And most importantly, you won’t be taken off guard.

I have been scanning the horizon. The storms keep coming, but it almost seems as though they are slowing down.

The rain isn’t as intimidating anymore. I rise up to face it! In fact, I think I’m going to grab an umbrella, take a lesson from Gene Kelly and respond with an iconic dance in the rain!

How about you? Are you facing a few storms of your own?

When the hailstorms come, the roof starts leaking and your friends left you stranded in the rain how are you going to respond?

Why don’t you grab an umbrella & join me in the dance?

I know it seems hard to imagine, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,

but soon the sun will begin to peak out from behind those stubborn clouds. Things will look brighter and hope once again will rise on the horizon.

Keep looking up!

And just in case, have that emergency “storm kit” ready!

“Do not grow weary in doing what is right, for in due season you will reap a reward, if you don’t faint!” (Gal.6:9)