Like a scene out of a movie my leisurely hike was brought to a halt when the trail became impassible. I probably could have strong armed my way through the dense foliage but that would have defeated my objective. An alluring alternative lay to the right of me. The creek that ran the length of the property ( flanked mainly by hills) seemed to invite adventure with a fairy like terrain on the opposite bank. This was a pleasant surprise. I had walked the creek on my side as far as possible. To my knowledge, the only way across had been four wheel drive up hill- until this.

The only thing separating the beckoning adventure and me was about a four foot drop to water just as deep or deeper. The clear view of colored rocks on the bottom was deceptive. The movie script continued as I spied a complimentary fallen tree about 30 feet away connecting the two banks. So there I stood on the precipice. There was something on the other side I knew I dreamt of experiencing even though I couldn’t put a name to it.

I wish I could say I took a deep breath and scampered across. Unfortunately I often appear braver on the outside than my actions dare to fulfill.

The moment mimicked my life – No, it mocked it!

Have you ever stood at the brink of some new adventure when panic set in and kept you from diving in?

Even more, the fear of the unknown and all the “what ifs”, bombard what little shred of bravado that tries to step up.

Have you been there? We gaze at our dreams and desires from afar. The destination that tugs at our hearts seems unattainable. Do we risk it? Do we chance trying something new, even if it means we may fall along the way?

I did it!

I didn’t rush over to the other side.

Rather, I stepped carefully one foot in front of the other. It was graceful and deliberate. I was thoughtful, but I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t look down OR look back. (That’s when we get in trouble or talk ourselves out of it!)

And my reward? A whole new world with new adventures lay before me. It wasn’t easy, but it was soooo worth it!

What obstacle is standing in the way of your next opportunity? Is it impassible or just intimidating?

As you stand on the brink, take a deep breath and take the first step. You may need someone to lead the way or hold your hand, but YOU CAN do this! And one day when you look back to where you came from you will be in awe of the strength and bravery you didn’t know you had.

I’d love to hear about your dreams, desires and destinations.

Maybe we could conquer those obstacles together!



“You will make known to me the path of life; in Your Presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever.” (Ps. 16:11)