For date night last week my husband took me to see “Saving Mr. Banks”

Actually, I think I begged incessantly for days until he finally gave in.

The movie recounts the wooing of P.L. Travers by Walt Disney to obtain movie rights  to her book Mary Poppins.

(No spoiler alert needed, as we all realize Disney did indeed make the movie.)

What took me by surprise was the emotional ties Ms. Travers had to her book and it’s characters.

It is so easy to be an outsider, after the fact, and question her doubts of Mr. Disney and his amazing staff.

As I look back on the past year and the changes that I’ve made, I am faced with the fears and the pain that accompanied them.

It made me wonder how much of P.L.Travers resonated with my life and which things were my “untouched” Mary Poppins’?

I was hoping no one saw the tears that rolled down my cheeks as I empathized with her fear and trepidation. How many times did I miss out on something great because it was easier to run back home and hide than risk rejection or failure?

Unfortunately, “SAFE” is a four-letter word and rarely found in the vocabulary of “World Changers” (My vocation of choice).

What if Walt Disney hadn’t been understanding and persistant?

I can’t imagine growing up without the no-nonsense, melodious wisdom of Walt Disney’s version of Mary Poppins.

Where “a spoonful of sugar” made everything  better and life was brought to order “spit-spot”.

I want people in my life who are willing to challenge me and fight for those things I tend to hold too tightly to because it feels safe.

I need accountability to pursue my dreams and change the world!

It would break my heart to find out some day that I held back or kept something hidden because it wasn’t going to turn out the way I wanted it to.

I learned many years ago, the hard way, when I turn my version of my life over to God, He does a much better job.

After all, He wrote the book!

As the heart-wrenching movie unfolded, “aha”moments led to a better understanding of her irrational desire for control.

But what about mine? What about yours?

As I write goals on paper, I send attached prayer questions heavenward. I laugh when I think about how God has always intervened and made “my plans” look oh, so much better, when I was willing to risk it all and step out in faith.

Of course the movie ended with a “happily ever after” due largely in part to the magic of Disney.

And that is where my imagination really begins to soar, because I know that what God has in store

for my life, for your life is so much greater,

so much more exciting,

than any of us could ever dream or imagine.

So what are we afraid of? What are we waiting for?

It’s time to let go of your story –

And let the adventure begin!