The fresh fallen snow beckoned me.

Or perhaps it was a dare.
I perched precariously surveying the mountain terrain below me.
The ominous feeling of fear taunted me almost every year as I hit the ski slope for the first time after months away. But something was different.

Why did skiing this year seem so challenging?

I felt a weight hanging over me and I was slower than I’d ever been.
I knew once my pace and rhythm kicked in momentum would carry me through, but I couldn’t even get to that place. I resembled a novice driver maneuvering a standard for the first time – praying that I wouldn’t stall and get run over in an intersection.

On the outside everything appeared okay. (Okay ranks up there with “fine” in my vocabulary).
But, honestly I was struggling with the possibility that this was my new normal. If I was jumping in and giving it everything I had that would be one thing.

The reality was that I truly sensed I was being held back by something- almost stalled at the top of my exciting adventure!

That evening my friend invited me to join her in a stretching routine. (Envision a solo game of Twister).
Don’t be fooled into thinking this was relaxing. Quite the opposite. In fact, a few times it was challenging even to reach the desired position. I stretched each area until I recognized how much I had neglected my former fitness routine. And the following day I experienced a huge difference; by day three I was gliding down the slopes, squealing with joy!
Could stretching actually make that much difference? If I wouldn’t have had that real life lesson, I would probably be cynical myself.

As I considered my current life trajectory, I couldn’t help but recognize the similarities-
At the beginning of the year I created a plan that just as ominously filled me with fear!
As we look out upon this year, we are strategically perched at the place where 80% of goal setters abandon the path they laid out. I want to challenge you just as my friend challenged me-
Are you ready to stretch a little?
What are your top 3 goals this year? Have you begun to traverse them or are you still scoping them out?
What is one thing you can do today to move you in the direction of your goals (it may be a little uncomfortable, but that’s how you soar)?
I’m going to stretch myself, so we might as well do this together.
Let’s rise to the challenge and crush our goals!
I am stretching myself to be more disciplined (and consistent) in bringing you content that will help you do just that. If you are ready to live a life that fills you with joy instead of trepidation, if you want to accomplish the goals you’ve been dreaming of instead of postponing them for another year let me know in the comments. We can spur each other on as we stretch ourselves this year and

                                                                                                                                     Rise to the challenge!