As I close out the year there are so many things that I’m excited about.
First of all I am definitely finishing strong.

I may not be finishing everything, however I have made way more progress this year than ever before. How about you?

I wonder, what is the true definition of finishing? After all, we are never really done as long as we are still alive.

As long as we continue to make progress moving forward towards accomplishing our goals we are on the right track!

Don’t belittle the fact we are on the road to finishing.

Think of how much we are getting done as we slowly chip away at our dreams and desires.

We take one step forward and sometimes slide two steps back but we are so far ahead of those who are not taking a step at all.

I set a goal to finish an important project that I started a few years ago. It was such a looming or should I say gargantuan task, I never imagined I would be able to one day say I had finished – I had actually written these words. I wrote 15,000 words in a month (and for more than one month). I now know what I am capable of. And I also recognize the fact that I cannot hide behind the fear of “what if” any longer.

Once I have gone an entire month writing every day there’s no reason that I cannot do it again and again.

What small step have you accomplished towards your dream that inspires you to take the next step?

What’s more is there any task that I could truly not accomplish if I set my mind to it?

Or the correct response should be – if I disciplined myself enough to do it?

That is all it has been.

I have been up late many nights trying to get my 500 words in to accomplish this new discipline- training myself to be a writer. This includes aligning my priorities and pushing aside (maybe temporarily) the ones that did not line up with my daily and monthly goals.

This doesn’t mean that I can do all the things all the time. And it also doesn’t mean that I will accomplish everything that I would like to in my lifetime. But it does mean that I have no more excuses and there are no more obstacles standing in my way.

I will live to accomplish those things that I feel I am here on earth to do, and at least attempt to do everything in my power with God‘s guidance and strength to help me along the way.

I don’t know what you are wishing you could finish. But I do know that if you never set your mind and discipline yourself to make some forward strides towards that goal then it will always be a dream and never an accomplishment.

So I encourage you to dream big, set specific time bound goals and discipline yourself to work towards them. If you also give yourself some accountability you’ll find yourself in the same place I have come to be at the end of this year looking back on dreams that are now becoming realities because I stuck with them, I showed up, I did the work and I finished!

Let’s make this our best year ever as we Passionately Pursue our dreams!