Why are we so hesitant to embark on a new adventure after months or even years of dreaming about it? We hope and pray that someday we will have the opportunity to experience this amazing fulfilling journey- but when the door opens we fearfully (or suspiciously) ease up to it.

We crave new experiences without the risk.

Somewhere along the way we became like an officer approaching a crime scene, so warily cautious of what may lie on the other side of every door. But what if there is someone waiting for what we have to offer? Our skills, our experiences, our friendship?

What if we are fearful of crossing the portal to our dream? The beginning of our “Happily ever after”?

Shouldn’t we be more afraid of opportunities missed than all the ”what ifs”?

Make a list right now of your top 5 dreams– you don’t have to be fully realistic, but just know that I am going to be challenging you to turn them into something attainable.
For example ”having a unicorn as a pet” may be beyond our present capabilities,
let’s go with something more like living in my dream home, writing a book, running a marathon, climbing Mt. Everest ( it could happen), travel the world– you get the idea.

Now pretend you have a step by step instruction manual ( you know the kind- the ones that either end up in the trash or in the bottom of the junk drawer) to help you assemble and achieve one of those dreams. Would you hide it or throw it away? Of course not! You probably just felt the same emotion you feel when you hear that the latest lottery winner can’t be located. How does that happen? Aren’t they paying attention? If you held the ticket to winning millions of dollars would you just cast it aside hoping to get to it “one day”? So then why take a step towards achieving a dream if you never even believe that it is a possibility? Maybe the percentages are slim, so what? How about making the effort to stack the odds in your favor. Unfortunately, most of us want the risk free easy out. If we win the lottery after all we can buy our dreams. Really? Can you buy the feeling of accomplishment?

Let’s imagine a beautiful sign on our ”door” now. Accomplishment is written all over it!!!
Does that scare you even more, just the thought of all the work it may take- fear of failure or the risk of losing more than you give?

One of my crazy wild dreams is starring in a Hallmark movie. What if I actually took action and made it to an audition only to hear that I was perfect for the role. And, even better they felt I was actually created for it!

I don’t know what your dreams are, but I do know this- there is a role YOU were actually created for. And I want to help you find it. ( Maybe you already know what it is.) Now picture yourself again standing in front of that beautiful door – our portal to accomplishment – and get ready because

when that door opens we are going to Run, not walk through it.

So now, imagine it is much more than a dream.

Imagine that it is a calling. A heart cry that you have gone most of your life unable to ignore.

Are you ready? Share your list with a friend, or better yet comment below and let’s get started pursuing one of those dreams.

“For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Eph. 2:10