If you are feeling a little late to the game and need a little Motivation and Inspiration to fuel the passion behind your to-do list, I’m here to help!


I was in the same place a couple of weeks ago as I was trying to settle on my inspirational word for the year. All I felt was an urgency to propel forward.

I couldn’t verbalize it, but I subconsciously felt my shoulders moving forward like a horse trying to get through the starting gate. Have you ever been so inspired and excited by a goal or an idea that you felt the same urge?

Finally I  came up with thoughts toward “pursue your calling” but that wasn’t adequate to describe what I was feeling.

So I compromised the traditional choosing  of “one word” and enhanced it with a second. My final Inspirational Motivation was – “passionate pursuit!

As I look back over the years and how I have used this “One Word” method to inspire and motivate me to accomplish my dreams and goals I noticed an ascending trend. One year my word was Intentional, then Expectancy, followed by Believe. As you can see my passionate pursuit has been waiting for the foundation to be laid. I had to build myself up over the years to get to this point.

Do you have words or themes to propel you into accomplishing your dreams and goals for the year? You may be able to look at your list of things that you desire to accomplish and see a trend begin to appear.

There was a time when it wasn’t just my dreams that felt overwhelming, I was also just facing life in general. I couldn’t imagine pursuing anything that hid deep within my heart at that time. This is why one of my first theme words was Brave and it evolved into Fearless.

You see how I had to first psyche myself up to even get to the point where I could begin to step out in faith? Much less have the audacity to believe.

Maybe as you look towards the future your word is an emotion that you have yet to attain. Or perhaps you already began to see a strategizing word forming for your future.

Once you come up with a word ( or two) with this fun way to inspire yourself try to think of a few original ideas to keep it in the forefront so it can do it’s job to motivate you.

Keeping Inspiration and Motivation constantly in front of you is KEY!

I enjoy finding a piece costume jewelry –  for example a bracelet like the ones that are so popular right now with my “word” on it. Another option is an inspiration piece like the giving keys.

You can also print your word out as a frameable graphic,  journal cover or binder insert.

It could even be taped or stuck inside your daily planner. For the more social and digital minded screensavers and social media banners are the perfect way to showcase your word in a way that you will see it everyday.

I can assure you just having a theme word to motivate and inspire me has been a great catalyst to propelling me towards fulfilling my goals. As you set about trying to choose a word for this year think about where you want to end up in a few months and what it will take to get there.

Sometimes the answer is as simple as work! What ever you do don’t overthink it – the answer may be right in front of you the entire time.

I can’t wait to hear what your word of the year is~ Please share it with me below as we take this journey together!