I’m not sure if you’ve listened to the news lately, but it looks as if life as we know it is going to ease back into some semblance of normalcy.

Or as I see it, The end of the zombie apocalypse is finally here!

I know what you’re probably thinking, – she is blowing this situation way out of proportion. Bear with me, I have taken note of a lot of reactions from a lot of people. I’m just wondering where you fit in?

For example the informal definition of Zombie equals
“a person who has no energy, seems to act without thinking, and does not notice what is happening:” Sound like anyone you know? 🤔

During a season of trials or difficulty what response is triggered in your life?

Do you respond and take action? Or do you react emotionally in self-defense to whatever is going on around you? Do you freeze and veg out on the couch indefinitely in zombie mode? Or do you just do something, anything besides feeling helpless and doing nothing at all?

Honestly, I have responded in every one of these ways at one time or another in my life.

So please don’t read any judgment into these questions. They are truly meant to be inquisitive to recognize where are you coming from and if you are getting the most out of the pressure that is being put on you.

Some situations cause people to react in anger often out of fear. Others make the most out of the pressure filled situation and come out refined and stronger. Being refined through pressure will usually leave you with a more valuable result than where you started from.

And then there are those whose response is to hide and pretend nothing is happening at all. (I am not condemning those who actually suffer from depression.) Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t even wanna get out of bed? It is easy to let life overwhelm you to the point of being frozen.

Trust me there are many days I would like to run and hide. But then we have to ask what are we really hiding from? Won’t the same troubles be there tomorrow?

How long can you actually stay in bed? The reality is the problem will actually steal more from you with this response than anything else. You will lose your most valuable commodity which is time. There is no way to recover wasted hours or days.

This is where we begin to rethink what we are doing (or not doing) and what we want out of life. It’s ok to be mad, even sorry for a little bit for what is going on around you. But eventually you need to get up and get back in the game.

I have no doubt you would probably make a really cute zombie. The problem with zombies is that they are even more contagious than the Coronavirus, so if you want an unproductive life with unproductive family and friends let’s all break out with the 2020 version of Thriller right now.

But if you’re reading this you have dreams and goals and no virus is going to keep you down!

One of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in the past few weeks is how creative and funny and supportive people can really be. This is what I want to see for the rest of 2020, businesses and families doing life outside the box!

Maybe this was a wake up call for all of us to see the potential and love that was inside of us all along 💖




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