I have a secret to share that no one wants you to know-

You can do it!

Yes you can.

No matter how you’re feeling right now, no matter what you’ve been through, and no matter what obstacles lie ahead in your journey.

If you have a dream you feel deep within you that you were called to accomplish –


I have a confession, I took a short online class recently.

I’m always promoting online classes and thought I would jump on the bandwagon and try something new and intriguing. I had to force myself 😜to go to my favorite craft store and buy a canvas and paints. I got the smallest variety pack just in case this was a “one and done” experiment.

As I participated in the live online classes and began to see the other participants display their progress I felt like an imposter.

Why in the world did I ever think I could paint something? I can’t even draw stick people very well. And then among the several hundred participants, I would see a drawing or half-finished painting and think perhaps I wasn’t that awful after all. Only to find out later they were posting about their six or eight-year-old daughter/granddaughter participating in the project.

Finally, I jumped all in!

Why have a dream if you are only going to dip your toe in, instead of totally immersing yourself in it?

Here is where the plot twists.

After all the awkwardness of using new tools and experimenting with the paint, I began to feel the exact same way I did when I rounded the corner towards the finish line in a race.


It wasn’t easy and some of the time it wasn’t even comfortable. But I had a goal and a dream to create something beautiful out of nothing and as it began to take shape I saw myself crossing the finish line of accomplishment.

What is so powerful that we allow it to keep us trapped at the starting line?

That has to stop now.

Seriously, if some unidentifiable, subliminal force is keeping us from living the life we were meant to live – holding power of our happiness and success over our heads like an elementary school bully –

then it’s time to fight back.

It’s time for you to take back your life.

It’s time to take one tiny step towards fulfilling your dreams.

I believe in you I know you can do it and I’d love to help you find the way!