This time of year always cracks me up! People vow to change & keep the same New Year’s Resolutions they made last year, again! Someone commented yesterday that this was the first time people had read their bibles consecutively for 7 days in a row since last January!  Not me, I was just finishing up my advent Bible reading plan  😉
     So, it took me a little longer than most, it was the first thing I finished this year.
                              (New Year’s Resolution #5: Finish what I start.)

The gyms are filled morning and evening, church attendance is up & dessert sales are down!
But, as with every year, that usually only lasts a month or so.

Whatever your resolutions are, they usually involve becoming a better “you”. I have tried every year & usually fail miserably. I am pretty good at keeping short & sweet goals; “run to that tree”(instead of “lose 5 pounds”),  “pick up one thing” (instead of “clean the whole house”), “reply to one e-mail” (instead of “have a nervous breakdown”). You get the picture …

 But this year it’s different, I really am going to change, because I figured out the secret…

Instead of focusing on changing “Me”, focus on being the change I want to see. I  keep hearing the repeated message “if you lead, others will follow”. We’ve all heard the concept before, but are we doing it?

For example, the most challenging goal I’ve ever set is “to Change The World”

 But how do you break that down into bite-size, mini-goals? One week, one day, one act at a time! So that is what I am doing setting realistic, reachable “short & sweet” (literally) goals to change the world! (Join an outreach at church, feed the homeless, spread awareness on a personal passion, make someone smile!) This is one we can all make & keep!

  All day long, I have been singing a song that resounds from my childhood, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with Me”, yet in my mind, it changes to “Let there be CHANGE on earth, and let it begin with me!”  I am making realistic goals to change the world, one day at a time, one life at a time , and maybe, just maybe, we can help someone else have ~