As I drove away from an empowering meet up recently, I imagined a perfect life consisting of having weekly coffee and conversations with women just like you. But I have to admit I get so discouraged when in my own personal life and yours I recognize the fact that we tend to face life‘s challenges and battles alone.

We are surrounded on every side by women just like us but somehow when the battle rages we feel isolated. I’m being totally vulnerable as I bare my heart and let you know there are days that I just want to pour out my problems to another woman who gets me. And yet there is that fear that I will be seen as “less than” or even worse that no one has the time or even cares.

Maybe you are entertaining the same lies as you have these conversations with yourself.

Because that’s what they are, flat out lies meant to alienate us and convince us that we are in this battle alone!

Over the past couple of weeks I decided to fight back against those crippling voices in my head. And what I discovered empowered me to stand up, dust myself off and share the battle plan with you!

Recently I enjoyed some incredible end of summer family time. I’ve shared before how we love to play games – Card games, board games, anything with a little friendly competition and a lot of laughter.

As we broke out an old board game I began to visualize valuable lessons coming to life. The object of the game is to expand your territory and gain new land. You strategize and place your pieces with the intention of moving towards and conquering these lands to make them your own. And that so resembles the dreams we have for our life.

We set goals and strategize, and then run off into battle alone and often unarmed.

The most valuable strategic principal we so often overlook, (or talk ourselves out of) is creating the relational army that has our back in the midst of the battle!

Round after round I noticed the most successful plays where those that had strong and consistent allies backing them up.
Strategic battle doesn’t always mean a raging war trying to take you out. Sometimes just stepping out to face a new goal necessitates having that team behind you.

Some days you’ll get through it on your own, but eventually you will get weary without a team behind you lifting you up and cheering you on.

That’s how I went from almost being taken out of the game to fighting back. I didn’t quit when the lies in my head begin to look like reality. I kept reaching out and strategically building my team.

You may have goals, you may have dreams and I promise you will always have battles, but do you have a team?

Who has your back in the midst of the battle?

It’s time to get up, dust yourself off, stop believing the lies and start building your team.

You can sign me up because I am the first one to have your back and believe in you and what you are doing!

What goal or dream is being attacked today and how I can partner with you?