My dog woke me up this morning barking like crazy! I threw myself down the stairs and flew to the window expecting to see someone trying to break in the house.


My dog, on the other hand, was frantically impersonating an aerial acrobat while pawing the door anxious to get outside. Before the door was completely open she bolted off so fast she spun out like a car in gravel. She had seen something and set out to pursue it with everything that was within her.

I want to be more like that. Don’t you – When our heart is set on something we dimly see on the horizon of our future?

But what are we willing to give? Are we truly willing to pursue these dreams with all of our heart?

It’s Time to start living, I mean really living and stop making excuses.

You were never created to live life safe.

It’s time to take a leap of faith and venture out into that deep hidden dream.

This week is about the pursuit. What would it take for you to step out into the pursuit of your dream?

Maybe you are just living with excitement about the possibility of what lies beyond the door – today’s the day to go beyond it.

Here are five easy steps to begin turning your dreams into reality:

1. If you haven’t done this already, the first step should be some research. Technology is so amazing you can find out information about almost anything while drinking coffee in your pajamas. Whether it’s writing a book, becoming a missionary, skydiving or climbing Mount Everest get online today and compile some information.

2. Hopefully you wrote down some of the information that peaked your curiosity. Now is the time to make a plan; turn some of those knowledgeable nuggets into action steps. This may take a little more time. For example, if you want to climb Mount Everest you will find that it is seasonal and a lot of preparation goes into just getting to a Basecamp. So your action steps may look like this: create a timeline, start a fitness routine to acclimate for the climb (with gear), start a savings account/plan for the trip… You get the idea.

3. This is where a little fear starts to creep in and mingle with excitement. As you look at your action steps try arranging them in the order you may need to accomplish them. Reading a book or watching a documentary on climbing Mount Everest may be a good first step to help solidify your plan. Booking your trip before finding out if you can even physically carry a backpack is not. By now your dream is beginning to take shape and that shape is hopefully 5-10 steps leading you towards what will someday become a reality!

4. Now that we’ve set the stage this is where the fun begins. If you haven’t talked yourself out of your dream by now this is where we solidify our commitment. Take action! Don’t just sign up for a class, show up! Have that meeting, complete that task. When you’ve accomplished a step share the news with someone. I would love to hear how you are pursuing your dream.

5. This is the most important step of all – keep going! What happened when I let the dog outside? She ran with all the passion within her towards the spot where something must have been only moments ago. Soon however, she lost interest and rambled aimlessly around the yard. Unfortunately, that is too often what happens with our dreams. When we don’t find what we are searching for immediately we lose interest and walk away. The saddest part of unfulfilled dreams isn’t that they weren’t accomplished, but that we will actually never know what could’ve happened because we quit too soon.

This is exactly why so many dreams are just that and never transform into reality!

Comment below about the dream you are pursuing ~

If you find yourself stuck I would love to help you discover how to get back to the Pursuit –

                This is just the beginning the Pursuit starts now!!!!


“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.” Isaiah 32:8