Do you tend to focus on all the things you haven’t done instead of celebrating everything you have accomplished?

A friend and I were catching up recently and in sharing about my upcoming Mastermind (Launching in October), she hit the nail on the head when she said even more than accountability, what women are truly craving is a supportive community to cheer them on towards their goals.

In retrospect, I realized she was so right! Every great win I had was because I had 1 or more supportive women coming alongside me to accomplish my dreams and goals.

This is the season for us to cheer each other along; there is way too much division and conflict today, let’s flip the script!!!

I shared an interesting take recently in my FaceBook group –

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What story are you writing about your life? One of the tools we created at our recent MasterMind retreat is a Life Map to help identify your purpose and passion – Then we chart a plan to move forward in the life you were created to live!

If you are interested in finding out more let me know-  I hosted my first quarterly MasterMind retreat October 8-10th at Aruba Bay Resort in N. Padre Island, Texas.

Here is a snippet of what’s included.


You have dreams and goals dying to come out – I know you can probably accomplish them on your own, but will You?

There is still time to learn more about this “Supportive Community” we are building!

I promise this is the best deal you will find on Transformational Life Coaching this year – What are you waiting for?

Stop daydreaming about the possibility and start pursuing the life you were created for –

I would love to celebrate some wins with you, let’s do this together.

I’m waiting for you & saving you a seat!