The Image hijacked my thoughts as I passed by the window. The miraculous sight deserved my total consideration. In awe and some confusion I gazed at the beautiful tree that had recently stood ravaged and bare. Although we were well into the winter months the storm-damaged tree had not only sprouted new growth but was dressed in full regalia of fall’s fiery red, orange and yellow leaves.

Tears sprung to my eyes as I recognized the symbolism behind the rebirth of this tree.
I don’t know about you but I have been a little slow and a lot behind coming into this new year. But as I gazed at the fiery leaves, images of the mythical phoenix raced through my mind. Not only was the tree experiencing a little confusion as to what time of year it was (maybe I am not the only one running behind schedule) it instantly gave me the hope of new beginnings.

As we contemplate the past few months looking over our struggles as well as our victories, where does this new year find you?
Perhaps they have left you feeling stripped as bare as the lonely tree in the corner of my yard. Or maybe the storms of life have seemingly ripped everything away from you.
Sickness, death, divorce and multitudes of other unexpected trials can sap the joy and motivation from our very depths. But like my fiery, Phoenix tree we too can dig down deep arise and bloom again.

Just as the beautiful phoenix rises from the depths of the ashes with new birth and new beginnings so can we.

Maybe we are a little late to the party but when we arrive we are re-invigorated with fresh new inspiration and motivation. So how do we get from the barrenness to vibrant new life?
First we have to choose not to wither away. No matter how hard life has been there is always reason to live.
Second (this is where the hard work comes in) we have to dig down deep to where our governing values reside. This may include therapeutic journaling or even some Mission and values exercises. (I would love to help you out with this part.) This is where you define why you are here and what you were created to do. Take a lesson from my now thriving tree that was created to bloom.
And finally, now is the time to a rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes, step out into this new beginning; the fresh new start of a brand new year. And as you do don’t forget to fly. In fact why don’t you create a magnificent inspiring image so all those around you can join you on your journey and watch you soar.

Storms can knock us down but we don’t have to stay there!
It’s time to Arise!